About President


Asif majeed panawala a well-known name behind many successful projects, motivation of carrier oriented peoples, guidance for entrepreneurs, mentor for educational seekers and visionary philanthropist, holding the presidential position in Advance Telecom (nation wide distribution network in communication sector awarded by government) , Jetpur memon association (un-elected for consecutive 7 times) chairmanship of Al-jadeed group of companies (many projects around the globe) vice-president international memon organization (Pakistan chapter) and many more noticeable & remarkable achievement under his name.

It’s been an honour for me to serve as a President of JMA since decade and to
represent the philanthropy services with the help, love and support of community
well wishers, most valuable colleagues and generous donors who put our
Jammat on right philanthropic path to serve the right cause of JMA mandate.

Alhumdullillah now JMA is involved in a number of social efforts and fulhlling such
as the rehabilitation, education, medication, wedding. houses & shelters, funeral
and other relevant issues.

In addition to contributing to the philanthropy efforts, we have produced what we
hope will be a very useful benefit for upcoming era in jetpurians walk of life.

| request you to please donate your Zakat/Sadaga in the holy month of ramzan
generously to help your jetpunian brothers and sisters who deserve your

Please contact me, my team or Jetpur Office if you wish to have the best reward
of your donations.

Jazak Allah khair.